Jeff Bridges hopes the new visual effects used to take 30 years off him in the new TRON sequel will allow him to continue making movies - but never set foot on a film shoot again.
The 60-year-old veteran actor stars as video game hacker Kevin Flynn in Tron: Legacy, reprising a character he played in the original Tron in 1982.
Experts were able to create a digital version of Bridges in his 30s by recording his facial movements and superimposing them onto the body of a younger man - and the Oscar winner has hailed the advancement as a "new era of film-making".
He tells Britain's Live magazine, "This technology means I'd never have to work again in my life and I could still make films. I can say, 'I'll lease you my image.'
"In a few years, they'll be able to take aspects of three different actors and make a fourth character. They can say, 'Let's put Bridges in here, but I want a little Al Pacino in there - what the heck. Let's see what kind of guy we come up with.'
"I think they'll have this ability to go, 'We're going to give you lots of money; you just come in and do all your expressions, be real, sad, happy... and that's it.' They're taking the actors and putting them in a computer, very much like Tron. It's got to the stage where we're close to not having to work at all."