Jeff Bridges and Jennifer Tilly were forced to leave vanity at home for their latest movie roles - because they play haggard drug addicts.

Bridges has re-teamed with his FABULOUS BAKER BOYS co-star to appear in Terry Gilliam's upcoming movie TIDELAND, and Tilly, 46, admits it was tough having to look so awful for the part.

She says, "(Jeff is) a burned-out rock musician addicted to heroin, and I'm an ex-groupie addicted to methadone - and we have this little neglected and abused girl who is living in a fantasy land.

"This movie is very surreal. Terry describes it as a cross between ALICE IN WONDERLAND and PSYCHO.

"They painted varicose veins on my legs, the bottoms of my feet are all black and crusty. We were finding out how disgusting I can look.

"That's incredibly liberating at my age. You're supposed to - you need to - look as good as you can, but this is going the other way."

07/06/2005 13:42