SLIDING DOORS star Jeanne Tripplehorn has no regrets about starring opposite Kevin Costner in WATERWORLD, even though the 1995 movie was a flop. The action adventure film was panned by critics and lost huge amounts of money for Universal studios - and Tripplehorn is convinced the media was out to shoot down high-flying Costner. But she is adamant Waterworld deserved to be appreciated and cherishes her memories of working with the Dances With Wolves actor. She says, "I still think it was a good movie. It was Mad Max on water. We were filming on the world's largest floating structure. "The set was huge. It was so over the top. But I think the press was gunning for Costner and he knew that, too. He said, 'Yeah, it is just my turn.' "But we had a great time, I don't regret it."