Police were called to the Hendersonville property of musician Birchfield in the early hours of Saturday (17Dec16) to investigate the altercation, which resulted in the deaths of his 18-year-old granddaughter, Icie Hawkins, and 21-year-old Travis Sanders.

Birchfield, 79, was found injured, wandering in the yard, when cops arrived at the scene, and he was hospitalised for treatment.

According to authorities, Birchfield heard a disturbance and headed into the basement, where Hawkins had been staying, and tried to defend his granddaughter against Sanders, who she had broken up with earlier this year (16).

Sanders reportedly stabbed Birchfield, prompting the veteran to shoot his attacker multiple times. Hawkins was found with upper body injures and self-defence wounds and admitted to hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The police investigation is still ongoing, but Hendersonville Police Detective Sergeant Jim Vaughn has declared Birchfield will not face any charges regarding Sanders' death as he acted in self-defence.

Shepard, who wed Birchfield in 1968, died in September (16), aged 82.