Actor Jean Reno was stunned when French President JACQUES CHIRAC tried to land him a role in The Da Vinci Code film - because he'd already been cast. Chirac hit the headlines last year (05) when it was reported he had attempted to persuade director Ron Howard to cast Gallic stars Reno and Sophie Marceau in the roles of BEZU FACHE and SOPHIE NEVEU respectively. While Chirac admitted he had met with Howard and granted him permission to film in The Louvre gallery in Paris, he denied he had attempted to influence casting decisions. However, Reno reveals, "Chirac said, 'You should take Jean, he is a good actor,' but he didn't know that I was already signed up for the movie." Chirac was alleged to have named Marceau - a friend of his daughter - for the role of Neveu, which had already been given to fellow French beauty Audrey Tautou.