Jean Reno and Nicolas Sarkozy bonded over football and women.

The 'Leon' actor and the French president have been friends since they met 17 years ago, and Jean says the pair have a lot in Common.

He said: "He likes soccer so we talk about that. And of course we spoke about women too. Bon. He likes women."

However Jean admitted that he steers clear of talking about politics with the French president - who is married to model and singer Carla Bruni -because he doesn't understand it.

He said: "I don't really speak politics with him because I don't understand anything. It's too complicated for me."

The two men also share a love of dogs and got to know each other as they walked their dogs around their local neighbourhood.

Jean said: "A friend of mine introduced me to him when he was the mayor (of Neuilly-sur-Seine] and he was also my neighbour. Voila. So every night we'd walk our dogs together and we'd start talking."

The actor admits that he still finds it strange that Nicolas - who was the best man at his wedding in 2006 - is the president of France and says he wouldn't wish to trade places with his friend.

He said: "It was very strange. But suddenly you discover he's got more balls than you think.'

Of the presidency he added: "You cannot live like that. It's impossible. I don't want to live like that."