Jean-Paul Gaultier is launching a lingerie line.

The French designer - famed for developing Madonna's Conical bra for her 1990 Blonde Ambition Tour - has developed a "provocative" lingerie collection Italian brand La Perla.

He told Wedding Style magazine the collaboration "was bound to happen", adding: "Lingerie is part of my DNA: I have always used it in my collections. With La Perla, I have found a perfect partner."

The designer added the collection will continue to enforce his strong view of female empowerment.

He added: "I would like to give women freedom to be who they are. I personally think women are the stronger sex; that they are more intelligent and much stronger than us men, and I always wanted to show a strong woman who seduces because she wants to."

Jean-Paul also recently opened retrospective of his work at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Canada, where he admitted he made his first designs of his iconic bra for his stuffed toys.

He said: "I made my first cone-shaped bra out of newsprint for my teddy bear Nana. I was always alone, doing my own story. It was my world, one in which I was very happy, dressing my teddy bear."

Jean-Paul's underwear collection will be sold at La Perla and Jean-Paul Gaultier boutiques across the world.