Jean Michel Jarre has risked the wrath of his actress wife Anne Parillaud by branding French women "arrogant", insisting they're not as romantic as their English counterparts.
The electro-pop star fell in love with British actress Charlotte Rampling after they met at a dinner party in 1976 and they were married for 20 years until 1998.
Jarre is now married to French actress Parillaud, but admits he still has a fondness for English women.
He tells Britain's Evening Standard, "There is that famous image of the French woman, sitting in her car, putting on her lipstick in the mirror. French women are arrogant. In my opinion, British women are more romantic than French ones... They are far less knowing, and more romantic. It's ridiculous to make generalisations, but it's fun. I understand more when I travel why people believe that French people are arrogant."