Legendary musician Jean Michel Jarre is facing legal action from his former label, over the release of his re-recorded version of hit album OXYGENE. Jarre signed a deal with British newspaper The Mail on Sunday to distribute more than 2 million copies of his Oxygene 30th Anniversary CD to the publication's readers for free earlier this year (08). But the star's former record company, Frances Dreyfus Music, subsequently threatened legal action against Jarre, distributor EMI music and the newspaper - claiming the disc does not come from a new recording, but from the original masters which are owned by the French label. The company has now ordered EMI to appoint an independent musicologist to analyze the album to verify whether it is, indeed, a new recording - or face a multi-million dollar lawsuit. EMI bosses have refused to confirm whether they will agree to the request but have released a statement insisting the album is very different to the original. It reads, "We are very confident that Jean Michel Jarre's 30th Anniversary recording of Oxygene is an entirely new recording. A leading independent expert has also confirmed this. We will vigorously contest any claims to the contrary."