French actress ISABELLA ADJANI lied about the break-up of her relationship with composer Jean Michel Jarre, according to the musician himself.

Adjani shocked the world, and Jarre, when she publically dumped him in June (04) via an interview with magazine PARIS MATCH. The scandal intensified when she revealed he had been unfaithful to her and blamed his wandering eye for causing ex-wife Charlotte Rampling to suffer depression.

But Jarre - who is now dating NIKITA star ANNE PARILLAUD - denies Adjani's story and insists they were never poised to wed.

He fumes, "For me, it's an absolute non-event because I had been with Isabelle for a year and a half, and for six months already we were more or less separated.

"She involved the mother of my children, Charlotte, and we were all shocked, my kids, my parents. All that really makes me sad.

"I don't feel guilty about anything because we are not married, we have no kids, it's the most banal story you can imagine. I don't know why she did it, it's a crazy thing to do. I don't know - for publicity. I've been really shocked by all this, frankly."

23/08/2004 13:36