Jean Michel Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre

Teo & Tea


Electronic pioneer Jean Michel Jarre returns with what may be his most ambitious album yet. ‘Téo & Téa’ is a boy-meets-girl story for a modern age, mixing sensual dance music with a narrative element. ‘Téo & Téa’ is his first release since 2004’s ‘Aero’.

Composer Jean Michel Jarre elevated the genre to new peaks of popularity following the release of his breakthrough album ‘Oxygene’ in 1976. The album went on to sell 12 million copies, which to this day remains unparalleled in French history. Jarre has sold a total of 60 million albums worldwide.

Jarre created a new breed of ground breaking, outdoor concerts renowned for their array of stunning backdrops, laser shows and fireworks.

The single, ‘Téo & Téa’, will precede the album of the same name on April 16th.

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