Movie tough guy Jean-claude Van Damme broke down in tears on his U.K. reality TV show as he discussed his upcoming return to fighting, insisting he wants to "be a champion" again to make his family proud.
The star is in training to take on Thai kickboxer Somluck Kamsing in November (11) and he became overwhelmed with emotion when talking about the bout on his series Jean Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors.
He says, "I want to do something for my ego, a fight, where I can win again and be a champion. Something for me to clean myself, to repair the machine. Win or lose situation, I will be a warrior again.
"I may be 50 but I will be a warrior, so I know my family will love me. So I can take you with me a second time to success."
Van Damme turned his back on fighting when he broke into movies in the 1980s.