Fighter-turned-movie star Jean-claude Van Damme's son Kristopher is "nervous" about his dad's upcoming return to the ring - because, at 50, he's not in tip-top martial arts shape.
The Universal Soldier star turned his back on fighting when he broke into movies in the 1980s, but he has signed up for a bout with Thai kickboxer Somluck Kamsing.
In a new U.K. TV special, Jean Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors, the action man's son admits he is worried about his father's comeback.
Kristopher says, "This stuff makes me nervous after a while. The cliches are his age or his body's not used to this kind of impact any more. We're here to support and that's what's important - pure support."
The reality TV series features footage of Van Damme undergoing X-rays and scans at a hospital to see if he's in shape for the November (11) bout.
Following the tests, Van Damme was told he would need to cut his trademark roundhouse kick from his fight routine.
He says, "We got to change the movement. It's new muscles."