Veteran British actress Jean Alexander is "out of danger" following a terrifying health scare.

The former star of U.K. soap opera Coronation Street sparked fears among fans on Monday (23Jun14) when she fell ill and was admitted to a hospital in Southport, England.

Her brother, Kenneth Hodgkinson, has now confirmed the 88 year old is out of hospital and is recovering in a rehabilitation centre.

He says, "We don't think it is serious, she is getting on very well. She has left the hospital now and is in rehabilitation, a home, just for a week or so. I can't give a definite medical statement because I haven't got it... It looks as if she won't be kept for long under medical supervision. I've heard from the people there, in the home, that she is quite cheerful and she feels alright. So whatever it is it would appear that she has passed through it reasonably well. She seems reasonably chirpy and not in danger."

Hodgkinson goes on to reveal his sister asked him to thank fans for their well wishes, adding, "She is very grateful for all the interest shown by the public in her... She realises people may want to send cards, but she would be glad if she is not flooded with flowers or chocolates or things like that."