Jc Chasez's girlfriend Eva Longoria's best kiss was with Bruce Willis' ex-girlfriend MARIA BRAVO.

The Desperate Housewives beauty admits that when she locked lips with Bravo on a film set when they played lesbian lovers, it proved to be the best smooch she had ever experienced.

She says, "I had to kiss a girl in the movie CARLITA'S SECRET, and it was the most fun I've ever had kissing somebody. If I was ever going to be with another woman, she'd have to be hot, and Maria Bravo, who played my girlfriend, is the sexiest woman alive!

"I kissed a guy in the movie, too, but it was no comparison. She was much better... It's different; a woman's kiss is much softer."

Bravo adds, "It seemed like there were a hundred cheering people on the set when we did it - and Eva and I nailed it in one take."

She even claims Longoria was a better kisser than DIE HARD star Willis.

26/11/2004 09:27