Jc Chasez has caused further upset for 'N Sync fans by hinting the boyband will never reunite because they're all too focused on their solo projects.

Earlier this week (begs16AUG04), singer Justin Timberlake heightened speculation about his own commitment to the chart-toppers but declaring his lack of obligation to record again with his bandmates.

And now Chasez has quashed hopes of an upcoming reformation with his old colleagues - Joey Fatone, CHRIS KIRKPATRICK, Lance Bass and Timberlake - insisting they're all too excited about their own careers.

He says, "We're just trying new things. We decided to go off and do our own projects to experiment and things like that. Joey's on Broadway and Chris has almost done his own record.

"Justin's doing movies obviously and Lance is actually shooting a film. Everybody's busy on their projects and everybody's really happy right now. We're gonna finish whatever we're working on now and then explore an idea."

17/08/2004 13:34