Jc Chasez will appear in a special Valentine's Day (14FEB05) episode of WHAT'S NEW SCOOBY DOO? - and he is far more impressed with his new animated incarnation than his cartoon form in The Simpsons.

The 'N SYNC star made an appearance on a 2001 episode of Matt Groening's hit comedy - but he was disappointed with the work of the hit show's animators.

But Chasez found the Scooby Doo experience a far more satisfying and enjoyable one.

The 28-year-old says, "I've seen it The Simpsons way and I have to say, the Scooby Doo way was animated a little bit better. They did a better job. It was really cool. On The Simpsons, you end up looking like a cousin of the Simpsons.

"I loved the cartoon as a kid. My favourite character is Shaggy, which is pretty funny, because in the story, him and I beef a little bit. I thought, 'That's fun. I get to play an enemy to probably my favourite character.'

"It's pretty hilarious to see how people act in front of the microphones while they're doing these voices, because you have to create characteristics just through your voice. In order to exaggerate your vocal even more, you exaggerate your actions more as well, so people look pretty funny."

08/02/2005 17:46