R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan embarked on a brief hiatus from her music career three years ago to sort out her troubled love life.

The Bust Your Windows star rose to fame in 2008 under the guidance of rapper Missy Elliott and garnered critical acclaim with her debut album Fearless, which earned her a slew of Grammy Award nominations.

In 2011, the singer decided to take a break from recording, prompting some critics to believe she stepped away from the spotlight because her sophomore album, Love Me Back, failed to sell as well as her first.

However, Sullivan insists she was dealing with much deeper issues at the time.

She tells Essence.com, "I was going through a tough time in life. I was in a relationship, it was not good and it kinda took all my focus from everything.

"When things are bad, they just take up all of your energy. You can't really see straight. Once I got out of it, I realised that I had stopped doing something that I'd wanted to do all my life. Something that I had been working to do all my life. I realised that I had lost myself. That should have been the last thing I stopped - my music - because I love it."

Sullivan turned to her Christian faith and family to help her through her troubles and she is now working on her third album, Reality Show.

She adds, "God and my family got my mind right."