The leaders of the Occupy Wall Street movement are planning to stage a protest outside Jay Z's concert in Brooklyn, New York on 28 September (12) after the rapper recently confessed he had no idea what the activists were fighting for a year ago.
With the one-year anniversary of the initial anti-big business protest, which became a worldwide movement, fast approaching, Jay Z was asked why he didn't get involved - like fellow rap mogul Russell Simmons and other politically-motivated stars did.
He responded he stayed away from the Occupy headquarters in Zuccotti Park because he wasn't clear as to what the activists were hoping to achieve from their sit-in.
Now the movement's Guitarmy group has announced a teach-in for Jay Z's concert at the Barclays Center, where leaders and followers alike hope to offer the rapper "a sincere answer" to his questions.
A statement from the group reads: "We have spent one year on the streets organizing for exactly the things Jay rapped about in his early days, ending urban poverty, ending Stop & Frisk and police use of lethal force, of returning dignity and hope to the everyday people of New York City. These are simple civil rights issues we know Jay Z must support, and we would love to help open his heart and mind to the work Occupy has helped do in his own former communities."