Jay Z's plans to bring his Made in America festival to Los Angeles have hit a snag - a local official has urged his fellow city councillors to stall on giving promoters a permit, demanding more information about the two-day event.

The rapper is hoping to stage the music bash at Grand Park over Labor Day weekend at the end of August (14), but Jose Huizar has concerns about "the specifics of the event," which he fears could draw as many as 50,000 people to downtown Los Angeles.

He says, "The city cannot support an event where there has been no community outreach to engage affected residents and gain necessary feedback. This is particularly important in downtown, where exponential growth in population density has led to a mounting concern over street closures that impede access and cause traffic congestion."

According to the Los Angeles Times, Huizar is seeking information from police officials and other city heads on "public safety concerns, and any necessary cost implications" of the festival.

He adds, "This is not about opposing special events or any particular concert, it's about making sure the affected community, in this case downtown stakeholders, is part of the planning process sooner rather than later."

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has confirmed he's in talks with Made in America festival bosses about the possibility of staging the event in L.A. Early reports suggest Jay Z will stage this year's event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles over the same holiday weekend. The rapper launched the festival in Philadelphia in 2012.