The 99 Problems hitmaker was sued by bosses at Official Brands in April, 2015. They claimed Jay Z and executives at his company Roc Nation interfered with contract negotiations with Bryant by blocking endorsement deals and having the football player sign with Jay Z's company instead of Official Brands, according to

The case was dismissed on Tuesday (24Jan17) after a judge ruled the plaintiffs had failed to "conduct discovery" in the lawsuit.

"The Court concludes that there is, as Roc Nation notes, an utter dearth of evidence to support Plaintiff's case," Judge Jane Boyle wrote. "Plaintiff itself concedes as much.

"To accept Plaintiff's argument to the contrary requires adopting the misguided belief that Roc Nation and RNS (Roc Nation Sports) are one in the same. The Court declines to do so and therefore concludes that Plaintiff's failure to conduct discovery was the result of its own error. Plaintiff's effort at discovery here were deficient, not diligent."

Bryant, 28, plays football for the Dallas Cowboys.