Hip-hop mogul Jay Z has come under fire from officials at America's Major League Lacrosse (Mll) organisation after dismissing the sport as "soft" in a new song.

The Empire State of Mind hitmaker, real name Shawn Carter, makes the comment in his new DJ Khaled collaboration They Don't Love You No More, in which he takes verbal jabs at an unnamed adversary - believed to be Drake - who hails from Canada, where Lacrosse is a popular activity.

In one line, he quips, "Haters wanna ball, let me tighten up my drawstring/Wrong sport, boy, you know you're as soft as a Lacrosse team", and the lyrics have angered professional lacrosse players and supporters.

Now a representative for the Mll has hit back at the rapper and dared him to try his hand at the contact sport.

A statement issued by Mll officials to MTV.com reads: "Lacrosse is often called the fastest sport on two feet. Players are on the field dodging and shooting balls at over 100 miles per hour.

"With that said, we don't think Jay Z knows what he's talking about when he calls Lacrosse 'soft'. I can guarantee you it is anything but a 'soft' sport. Mr. Carter would not last one minute on a Lacrosse field during a match and he is more than welcome to come to any of our games and try."

Jay Z and Drake have been exchanging barbs in public in recent months, after the Started From The Bottom rapper criticised the superstar for making "at least four art references" in his recent releases.

Jay fired back on the remix to Jay Electronica's track We Made It, rapping, "Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk/Silly me rappin' 'bout s**t that I really bought", prompting Drake to respond by suggesting the former Brooklyn Nets minority owner was "somewhere eating a fondue plate" during the first-round play-off game between the New York-based basketball team and Drake's Toronto Raptors earlier this month (Apr14).