Jay-Z's relationship with former partner Damon Dash has deteriorated so much he is planning to set himself up as Dash's business rival.

Jay-Z ended his involvement with ROCA-A-FELLA RECORDS and their ROCAWEAR clothing line over the summer amid (04) rumours they had fallen out.

Now BIG PIMPIN' hitmaker JAY-Z is setting up his own alcohol brand, to compete against Dash's Armandale vodka, according to PAGESIX.COM.

A source tells the site, "Jay is about to launch his own line of cognac with Grey Goose. This seems innocuous, but it is his first real venture without Damon. He does not want Damon to be a part of it."

But the pair aren't the only rappers moving into hard liquor - Roc-A-Fella rapper Cam'ron is also launching a cognac: "It's called Sizzurp. You know, like, syrup with an izzurp."

22/10/2004 19:30