Rapper Jay Z has met with bosses at top U.S. department store Barneys to offer up his thoughts about a recent racial profiling scandal.

The New York luxury retailer hit headlines in October (13) after two young black shoppers were detained by cops while making expensive purchases and quizzed as to how they could afford to pay for the items.

The 99 Problems hitmaker was urged to pull plans to release his BNY SCC Gallery and Collection for Barneys, but decided to move forward with the venture, which launched last month (Nov13).

Following the decision to go through with the partnership, he also insisted on being part of an advisory board set up to help create guidelines for the way workers interact with the New York Police Department.

A source tells Women's Wear Daily, "There's co-operation there. The council is a work in progress. It's an internal advisory council that Jay Z is going to be a part of."

Bosses from the luxury retailer also released an internal memo on Tuesday (03Dec13) detailing how they would monitor police officers and their interactions with shoppers.

The executives are looking to implement stricter guidelines for placing an individual under surveillance.

The memo reads: "(There would need to be) a reasonable description of the individual or individuals that they wish to place under surveillance and the reason the police wish to place such individuals under surveillance.

"We recognize the need to co-operate with the Nypd as they address criminal activity in our city and within our locations. However, those needs must be balanced with ensuring that the rights of individuals are respected at all times."