Jay Z isn't interested in performing at the Super Bowl half-time show in 2018.

The New York-born rap star has previously seen his wife Beyonce dazzle America's biggest annual TV audience at two Super Bowls, but Jay - who has been linked with the coveted job - reportedly has no ambitions of following in her footsteps.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: ''Lots of people have been saying Jay will perform with Justin Timberlake but it is simply not the case.

''He has enough songs to create an incredible performance but he really has no plans to do the half-time show.''

The likes of Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry have all performed at the world-famous half-time show over recent years.

But organisers of the sporting event are still searching for someone to succeed Lady GaGa, whose performance earlier this year was watched by as many as 117.5 million TV viewers.

Meanwhile, Jay recently revealed he's no longer interested in feuding with his rap rivals.

The chart-topping star has previously become embroiled in tension with the likes of Nas, Fat Joe and Prodigy of Mobb Deep - who passed away in June - but Jay insisted he's in a completely different phase of his career these days.

He explained: ''It wasn't even like a big thing between Fat Joe and I, we just really talked about that in two minutes.

''I don't want to have rap beef, I'm checked out of that part of the game.''

Jay also paid tribute to Prodigy, who suffered from sickle cell anemia for much of his life.

He said: ''I had super respect for Prodigy. In order for me to really have a problem, in order for me to really spar with you, I gotta respect you somewhere.

''It's just sad you know, blessings to his family.''