The Purple Rain hitmaker died in April (16), leaving behind a treasure trove of songs at his Paisley Park compound, which have never been shared with the public.

According to, Jay Z recently flew Prince's sister Tyka Nelson and her husband, Maurice Phillips, to New York for a meeting to discuss the idea, and put an official offer on the table.

However, the deal remains up in the air as Tyka is not the only person with a say in what happens to her brother's music - if she approves of the rap mogul's price, she would also need to convince Prince's other half-siblings and bank bosses in charge of the singer's estate.

There is some good news for Jay Z, who owns his record label Roc Nation and streaming app Tidal - he is reportedly still in the running to land an overall deal to nab the streaming rights to Prince's unreleased tracks.

Prince was an early adopter of Jay's music subscription service. Soon after its launch in March, 2015, the legendary star streamed his Rally 4 Peace Baltimore concert live on Tidal, and in July of the same year he removed his music from all other streaming services and his albums HITNRUN Phase One and HITNRUN Phase Two were offered as exclusives on its platform.

He previously praised Beyonce's husband for trying to revamp the streaming industry with Tidal, stating, "After one meeting, it was obvious that Jay Z and the team he has assembled at TIDAL recognise and applaud the effort that real musicians put in2 their craft 2 achieve the very best they can at this pivotal time in the music industry.

"TIDAL have honoured Us with a non-restrictive arrangement that once again allows Us to continue making art in the fashion We've grown accustomed 2 and We're Extremely grateful 4 their generous support (sic)."