Rapper Jay-Z is taking a hiatus from his solo career after resolving to put the success of his record label before personal glory.

The GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS hitmaker is thrilled by the progress of Def Jam records, and believes the collective rise of his signed artists - who include rappers Kanye West, Timbaland and NAS - is a far greater project.

But he admits it was a tough decision.

He tells MTV, "We're (Def Jam) coming up with so much good s**t at the start of the year, I ain't gonna lie, I don't want to miss it. We got so much going on, I'm focused on the team and making sure everybody is focused.

"I'm not even thinking about (putting out an album) right now. But, for a second I was like "Damn, I can't let all this good s**t pass me by. I want some."