Jay-Z confronted a Sun journalist over his criticism of the rapper for appearing at Glastonbury.

Showbiz reporter Gordon Smart agreed with Noel Gallagher about Jay-Z not being "right" as a Glastonbury headliner in the paper.

But when Jay-Z spotted Smart at London club Paper on Saturday night, the rapper launched into a rant.

Smart said in his column: "With the big guy poking me in the chest and his minders all around, he launched into an incredible rant.

"He told me: 'You were the only one who gave me a bad review. Everyone else said it was history.

"'I'm not one of those guys who gets cut up about good or bad reviews but you missed the moment, man.

"'It was a first for Glastonbury and you didn't get it. You're a non-believer. I was making history and you missed the moment.'"

Smart added: "I still respect him and would still buy his records...but still don't think his set was quite right for Saturday night at Glastonbury.

"I would tell him that again — but next time I might take Ricky Hatton for moral support."

06/07/2008 17:10:51