Beyoncé wants her children to live without restrictions.

The 36-year-old singer is mother to six-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and 13-month-old twins Rumi and Sir, whom she has with her husband Jay-Z, and has said she wants to make sure they are raised to ''speak their minds'' and be whoever they want to be, with no glass ceiling to hold them back.

She said: ''My mother taught me the importance not just of being seen but of seeing myself. As the mother of two girls, it's important to me that they see themselves too - in books, films, and on runways. It's important to me that they see themselves as CEOs, as bosses, and that they know they can write the script for their own lives - that they can speak their minds and they have no ceiling. They don't have to be a certain type or fit into a specific category. They don't have to be politically correct, as long as they're authentic, respectful, compassionate, and empathetic. They can explore any religion, fall in love with any race, and love who they want to love.''

The 'Formation' hitmaker wants the same values for her son Sir, but says she's also determined to bring him up to be ''caring, truthful, and honest'', so he can ''reach his full potential as a man''.

She added: ''I want the same things for my son. I want him to know that he can be strong and brave but that he can also be sensitive and kind. I want my son to have a high emotional IQ where he is free to be caring, truthful, and honest. It's everything a woman wants in a man, and yet we don't teach it to our boys.

''I hope to teach my son not to fall victim to what the internet says he should be or how he should love. I want to create better representations for him so he is allowed to reach his full potential as a man, and to teach him that the real magic he possesses in the world is the power to affirm his own existence.''

And Beyoncé will no doubt instil her own values in her brood as well, as she says she is ''accepting'' of who she is, and wants to continue to ''live in full''.

Speaking to Vogue magazine, she said: ''I'm in a place of gratitude right now. I am accepting of who I am. I will continue to explore every inch of my soul and every part of my artistry. I want to learn more, teach more, and live in full.''