Jay Sean has teased his new single will be ''more seductive'' than his previous records.

The 38-year-old singer has revealed he will soon be releasing a ''brand new single'' titled 'Want What You Want', and the star has described the track as ''super sexy but rhythmic'' and ''more throwbacky'', which is unlike any of his other songs.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about his forthcoming drop, he said: ''I've got a brand new single coming out in about a month. It's called 'Want What You Want' and its super sexy but rhythmic.

''I do kind of know what I'm known for and what I like to do. But this is one that is kind of like a bit more throwback-y to the point of like the way I'm singing is not the way I've been singing on recent songs in terms of the high energy, throw-your-hands-up, dance, have fun. This is a bit more seductive. I won't say anymore, I really like it. ''

And the 'Down' hitmaker has admitted he will ''100 per cent'' be going on tour in the future, although the string of concerts will need to be ''planned right'' for them to go ahead as he will only perform at a certain selection of venues.

He said: ''Absolutely, 100 per cent. With England I try to be very careful when I do a show because it has to be planned right. There's only a few venues that you can do which is respectful and where we people can be 'Ah, he's playing there, I'm going.' I don't just want to turn up or go to like a hot club and get on the mic and sing two songs. When I live in America it's not a good look for me to come here and not give my fans a good show. So yeah we're lining it up.''

Meanwhile, Jay has silenced rumours he is collaborating with fellow singer Taylor Swift, although they were previously signed to the same record label.

He explained: ''Me and Taylor used to be signed to the same record company. I did one show with her years back. It was really really fun. It was me, Taylor, The Black Eyed Peas and Justin Timberlake and it was just so much fun. She was so sweet, a lovely girl but we've never worked together.''