Jay Sean owns over 300 shoes.

The 38-year-old singer has admitted he is obsessed with footwear and has a vast collection of shoes he has collected over time, which he has arranged in neat lines in a ''separate room'' at his home.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about his style and favourite wardrobe item at this year's V Festival, which saw the star perform on the MTV Stage at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, on Sunday (20.08.17), he said: ''I sound like a p***k for saying this, but I do have a separate room for my shoes. It's like a whole room, because I have a lot. I have probably over 300 shoes. They're all lined up, it's pretty nice.''

And the 'Ride It' hitmaker has justified his reason for having such an extensive collection, and has admitted he has a large number of shoes because he believes men do not have a lot they can ''play with'' in terms of their style.

He explained: ''I think guys we don't get to play with much, what do we do? We have a hairstyle, a beard, and then whatever clothes, and it's usually kicks that guys are into. So, that's my thing.''

During Jay Sean's 30 minute set he wowed crowds by performing his 2009 hit single 'Down', and urged the crowd to join in and chant his name.

He said: ''When I say Jay, you say Sean...''

Meanwhile, the musician - who has daughter Ayva with his wife Thara - has since taken to social media to thank the audience for their support over the weekend, as he also performed at Weston Park on Saturday (19.08.17).

Alongside a string of videos, which were shared on his Instagram account, he wrote: ''UK #vfestival was so lit today thankyou!!!

''Madness ting today at #VFestival in the U.K. !! So much love for all of you ! Thankyou so much had such a great time ! (sic).''