Max George isn't ''picky'' about women.

The Wanted singer - who has most recently been romantically linked with Lindsay Lohan - can't wait to start work on the group's new US-based reality TV show 'The Wanted Life' because he thinks girls in Hollywood are ''special''.

He said: ''My ideal type of woman is just anyone from Hollywood.

''I'm just not that picky when it comes to Hollywood girls because there is something that special about them.

''I don't know whether it's the teeth or what.

''We're moving to Hollywood into a big house for a certain period of time to film a fly-on-the-wall series.

''I feel so sorry for the neighbours, so apologies now.''

However, the 24-year-old hunk admitted he and his bandmate Jay McGuiness plan to make the most of their single status so won't be spending a lot of time at the property.

He added: ''Me and Jay will probably be doing a lot of staying elsewhere, I guess.''

Though the 'Lightning' hitmaker insists he and 'Liz & Dick' star Lindsay are still friends, they haven't spoken in some time.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Me and Lindsay are still friends. I've not spoken to her for a while.

''I think she's busy at the moment.''