Jay McGuiness was left bloodied after a bar brawl.

The Wanted singer was dragged out of The Villa club in Epping, Essex, on Saturday night (08.03.14) by security after reportedly getting involved in a fight with fellow party-goers.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Everyone was standing around the front door and there was a big kerfuffle in the foyer. Jay then got dragged out by the bouncers. He was shouting and screaming and they were trying to pull him back. He was putting up a struggle.

''They ushered him into a corner to get him to calm down but he wouldn't. One bouncer clocked him after he was throwing a wobbly and they were trying to get him out.

''Someone said they were going to check the CCTV to see exactly what happened. He was huddled in a corner for a while. Jay got shoved about a lot but he was pretty smashed.''

Jay had been supporting his bandmate Tom Parker during a personal appearance as he celebrated his girlfriend Kelsey Hardwick's birthday.

The curly-haired star was allegedly bundled into a taxi by his pal after the incident.

A spokesperson confirmed: ''There was an altercation in the club that Jay found himself in the middle of. He ended up with some minor cuts and bruises.''

The Wanted are about to embark on their last ever series of concerts, 'The Farewell Tour'.