The Jerry Seinfeld-produced The Marriage Ref lost nearly two million viewers from its Thursday-night premiere a week ago, dropping to 6.04 million viewers. Nevertheless, that was an improvement over Jay Leno's numbers in the same 10 00 p.m. hour during Leno's brief primetime stint. The format of the show, in which couples bring problems in their relationships to a celebrity panel for arbitration, left even the celebrities scratching their heads. Thursday night's celebs included longtime Seinfeld collaborator Larry David, Madonna, and Ricky Gervais. At one point, David, after hearing a husband's complaint that his wife withholds sex if he doesn't help with the vacuuming and dish washing and the wife's counter complaint that her husband is a lazy slob, remarked, "They're so moronic I don't even want to help them!" He does, however, give the husband one word of advice "Prostitute!" By the end of the show, he commented, "This is easily the most uncomfortable hour I've ever spent in my life." Gervais agreed. "I feel as if someone's put crack in my drink," he remarked. "What is going on? This is the weirdest show I've ever been on."