Some of NBC's rivals expressed confidence Wednesday that NBC's decision to devote its 10 00 p.m. hour to Jay Leno will benefit them. Turner Broadcasting's chief researcher Jack Wakshlag predicted that Jay Leno will not draw a bigger audience at 10 00 p.m. than he does now at 11 30. While the number of viewers who tune into the show now is terrific for late-night television, it's far lower than the number that NBC currently attracts for its 10 00 p.m. programming. In an interview with the TVNewser website, Nightline executive producer James Goldston expressed relief that Leno would no longer be a direct competitor and that he would not be taking over the Nightline time period. And at an investors' conference in New York, CBS CEO Les Moonves remarked, "I will bet anybody who would like to bet that CSI Miami on Monday night at 10 o'clock will beat Jay by a lot. Remember that -- by a lot."