Beloved U.S. chat show host Jay Leno's recent hospital stay turned into a high-security operation when a fake priest tried to gain access to the comedian's private room.
The comedian was forced to cancel a recent late-night show after medical bosses at TV network NBC ruled he was too sick with a fever to host the Tonight Show.
Leno was taken to a hospital near the studio where he tapes the show and now reveals a weird stalker almost got past staff by pretending to be a man of the cloth.
Appearing on fellow TV host Ellen DeGeneres' daytime show on Wednesday (13May09), he explained, "I'm lying in the bed... and I hear, 'I'm Mr. Leno's priest; I'm here to see him.' Well, I'm not even Catholic."
A quick-thinking nurse realised the mystery man was a fake when she quizzed him about his religion.
Leno added, "He said, 'I'm Jesuit Priest so-and-so,' and the nurse goes, 'Most Jesuits call themselves Father,' and he takes off."
The chat show host still finds the story funny, but TV bosses at NBC weren't laughing - and they boosted security outside Leno's room.
He revealed, "It was like the Godfather - I'm in the room at the end of the hall with armed guards. It was ridiculous."
Leno was diagnosed with exhaustion.