Jay Leno returned to his U.S. talk show on Monday night (27Apr09) following a brief hospital stay - and joked that his leave of absence was down to the swine flu outbreak.
The comedian sought medical attention on Thursday (23Apr09) and later checked into a Los Angles clinic amid speculation he was suffering from suspected dehydration.
He was discharged on Friday (24Apr09) and resumed taping of his entertainment programme on Monday.
Leno refused to reveal the nature of his illness - but told the audience: "You know, I had this 103 degree fever. I come in, in my Model T - it was freezing that morning and I didn't have a jacket on. I was freezing and I got chills and here at NBC we have an ODN - overly dramatic nurse. She came in...'Oh you have 103, oh, you have to go to the hospital right now! We have to call an ambulance!' I go, 'the hospital's right there.'
"What happened was  and I think this was a mistake  I ate a raw pig a friend brought back from Mexico."
Over 100 people have been killed in Mexico City from the disease, which is affecting much of the globe.