American comedian Jay Leno has been released from hospital after admitting himself earlier this week because of a mystery illness.

The NBC chat-show host cancelled the taping of his shows on Thursday and Friday - the first time he has called in sick to work since taking over the Tonight Show in May 1992 - amid rumours he had suffered a heart attack.

However, in refuting these claims a spokesperson for the TV network said Leno had been discharged and would be back at work next week.

"We happy to say that Jay Leno is feeling much better and has been released from the hospital," the spokesperson confirmed.

"He's anxious to return to work on Monday."

The 58-year-old has been described by his publicist Dick Guttman as "a very robust guy" and he dismissed the hospital visit as "precautionary" after he felt discomfort.

Among the rumoured problems are food poinsoning or a viral infection, but none of these have been confirmed by the hospital treating Leno or anyone connected to the comedian's entourage.

25/04/2009 10:52:19