Comedian Jay Leno followed his testimony at Michael Jackson's child molestation trial with a tirade of jokes aimed at the pop star last night (24MAY05).

The TV personality - who once had a gag order placed on him, blocking him from making jokes about the trial as he was on the defence team's witness list - took the stand yesterday, testifying that the BAD singer's teen accuser was "overly effusive" in their phone chats, making him suspicious.

And Leno travelled down from the Santa Maria, California, courthouse to his studio in Burbank to film his TONIGHT SHOW - and poke fun at Jackson.

Leno said, "It was really odd walking into that courtroom... 'cause I realised it was the first time I'd seen Michael since I was 12...

"Actually, there was one kind of embarrassing moment. When I took the stand they asked me to point to the defendant and I pointed to (Jackson's sister) LaToya...

"I was surprised at how many children there were in the courtroom. Even the sketch artist couldn't have been more than 11... You know what's amazing about being in the same room with Michael Jackson? In person he almost looks lifelike."

25/05/2005 21:37