US comic Jay Leno has been forced to apologise for a joke he told on his The Tonight Show. The comedian compared US Vice President Dick Cheney's recent hunting accident - where he shot a pal - to lawyer Gerald Curry's harrowing 2003 ordeal at the hands of a gun-happy foe outside a Los Angeles courthouse. To hammer home the gag, Leno showed videotaped news footage of Curry hiding behind a tree to avoid being fatally wounded. Not everyone found the joke funny, and Leno personally phoned to apologise to Wendy Brogin, a friend of Curry's after she wrote to the comedian to complain. Brogin tells the Los Angeles Daily News, "He said, 'Hello, Wendy, this is Jay Leno, I'm calling about the letter you wrote and I want to apologise. I just want to let you know we make mistakes sometimes and we don't mean to hurt people.'" Meanwhile, Curry insists that although he appreciates his friend standing up for him, he wasn't offended by Leno's joke. The lawyer says, "I don't take it personally, so I wasn't upset with him. He's just making fun, but I think this says a lot about him, that he'd take the time to apologise."