TV host Jay Leno refuses to touch his mega-earnings from 12 years on American TV hit THE TONIGHT SHOW - because he limits his living allowance to the cash he makes as a stand up comedian.

Leno has scored worldwide fame with his Los Angeles-based chat show, but he frequently appears in Las Vegas, on college campuses and in venues across the US and Canada as a comic - and he only lets earnings from these jobs afford him his lifestyle.

Leno says, "This is what I did before I had this job. I was a stand up comedian. It gives you peace of mind. I still haven't touched a dime of the money I make on The Tonight Show. I live on the money I make as a comedian.

"I never wanted to be a host or TV personality. You know, I've always liked being a comedian. It keeps your head straight."

25/03/2004 17:47