DAREDEVIL star MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN showed of his newly-acquired skills last night (30MAR05) when he gave comedian Jay Leno a massage.

The imposing actor hadn't even indulged in a massage until his new girlfriend IRENE introduced him to it last month (FEB05), and he's since decided to share it with his pals.

When he expressed his love of massages to Leno on his chat show last night, the comedian scoffed, "I'm not a massage guy, it's annoying to me. It's like, 'Get your hands off me! This is annoying!'"

But Duncan protested, "That's how you relax. Bigwigs in Hollywood do that, man. Come on, just turn around, let me give you a quick massage," before getting out of his seat and kneading Leno's shoulders.

A bemused Leno quipped, "This is really annoying!"

31/03/2005 21:25