QUENTIN TARANTINO shocked late night TV viewers in America on Monday (29SEP03) by appearing drunk on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show.

The movie maker slurred his way through an interview with Leno, who eventually asked him, "Have you been drinking today?" after wafting his alcohol-soaked breath away when Tarantino got too close.

The film-maker giggled, "I'm bringing a little bit of old Johnny Carson onto the show when Oliver Reed would be a little drunk.

"You have an open bar backstage, which I was not aware of. The bar's funny."

Tarantino didn't stop there after. Leaving The Tonight Show, he turned up at the Hollywood premiere of new movie KILL BILL - still very merry - alongside actress Uma Thurman, in a flame-painted pick-up truck dubbed 'The Pussy Wagon'.

01/10/2003 09:49