Cate Blanchett says it wasn't love at first sight when she met her husband.

The 'Blue Jasmine' star has been married to screenwriter Andrew Upton since December 1997 but she admits she thought he was ''arrogant'' when she was introduced to him a year earlier on the set of a TV show.

And Andrew was equally as unimpressed with his future wife.

During an appearance on the 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', she revealed: ''It was mostly animosity ... He thought I was aloof and I thought he was arrogant ... We just didn't really connect and we were going out with other people, who we're still friends with and it was always an issue when the four of us went out that Andrew and I had something going on.''

The 44-year-old actress says the first flickers of romance between her and 47-year-old Andrew - who are the joint creative directors of the Sydney Theatre Company -happened during a late night game of poker.

Cate - who has three sons, Dashiell, Roman and Ignatius, with her husband - said: ''One night we were playing poker and he was in the middle of telling me how he was attracted to a friend of mine and then we suddenly kissed and then he asked me to marry him three weeks later.''