The television critic for Jay Leno's hometown newspaper The Boston Globe has joined the chorus calling for NBC to pull the plug on The Jay Leno Show . In today's (Tuesday) column, the Globe 's Matthew Gilbert calls the show "an experiment gone wrong ... a low point of primetime." The show, he writes, "is paced like a turtle. With arthritis. In slo-mo. ... What is a mild sedative in late-night is a sleeping pill in the more creatively energetic environment of primetime." Meanwhile, Craig Dubow, CEO of media giant Gannett, said Monday that his company's NBC affiliates have been harmed by NBC's Leno strategy. Gannett is the largest owner of NBC affiliates. In an interview with the Dow Jones News Service, Dubow said. "Right now we would probably be in a little better position with the traditional [primetime programs]." However, he conceded, "It's awfully early to tell at this point."