JAMIROQUAI singer Jay Kay has vowed never to work with Hollywood again after GODZILLA film-makers demanded he alter the lyrics to DEEPER UNDERGROUND, the flop movie's flagship song.

The British star was enraged when studio heads deemed the line "It's a good day to die" too risque for the predominantly young audience they were targetting with the ill-fated 1998 movie, so they ordered him to re-record his tune.

And Kay was further baffled when he finally sat down to watch the finished film - and discovered his song was inaudible anyway.

He says, "Working with Hollywood, it ain't worth it. There's always some smart-a**e... the first lyrics I wrote for the chorus to it were, 'It's a good day to die.' They decided that was a bit strong for the kids.

"When I heard it at minus 27 decibels in the film, in the back while people are talking, I thought, 'What was all the fuss about?'"

03/05/2005 17:18