Members of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, including Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske, launched the campaign on last month (Mar15) after bosses at Fox Searchlight agreed to distribute the movie if they could raise the funds.

The effort proved so popular, the group raised over half of its goal less than 24 hours after it went live.

The public donations continued to roll in and by the project deadline on Friday (24Apr15), over $4.4 million (£2.75 million) had been contributed to the campaign.

Filmmakers have since taken to the IndieGogo page to thank fans for their overwhelming support and reveal production will begin this summer (15), although they will continue to accept donations to "make an even bigger, better, bearf**kier sequel".

Director and star Chandrasekhar is hoping to complete the film in time for a 2016 release.

The first Super Troopers film, about a group of bumbling Vermont state police officers, only cost $1.2 million (£750,000) to make, but grossed $23 million (£14.4 million) worldwide.

The hugely-successful campaign for a sequel makes Super Troopers 2 the second-biggest crowdfunded film, after Veronica Mars' $5.7 million (£3.6 million) raised on in 2013.