Jay Aston insisted on recording 15 new songs in the studio despite being diagnosed with mouth cancer.

The 57-year-old singer fears the illness could ultimately stop her talking and singing, but songwriter-and-producer Mike Stock - who has been working with The Fizz on new material - has revealed she's been enthusiastically throwing herself into her work.

He wrote on Twitter: ''Despite her devastation, and with an operation only a few weeks away, it was at Jay's insistence that we went into the studio and recorded her vocals on 15 new tracks. So the show will go on. That is her plan! Get welll soon, Jay. [love heart emoji] [sic]''

Jay was diagnosed with cancer just two weeks ago and she is due to have part of her tongue removed.

However, the singer is concerned she may need further surgery if more cancer is found.

Jay said: ''I think if they take more of my tongue away the chances of me singing, even talking, will be very slim.''

Despite her diagnosis, Jay has continued to perform gigs across the UK with her bandmates Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan - who were all original members of Bucks Fizz but who now record and tour under their new name.

However, Jay admitted she was forced to mime at one particular gig last week following a meeting with her surgeon.

She shared: ''I went home, got changed and went to the gig.

''That's showbusiness. The thing that's stood me in good stead is that in the 1980s you mimed for TV. Cheryl has been singing with me where I do solo stuff to give it some welly.''

Jay explained that even if she is soon no longer able to perform on stage, Cheryl and Mike with continue to appear as a double act.

She said: ''Cheryl and Mike aren't getting a replacement, they say they will carry on as two. I would want them to carry on without me.''