Jaws actor Roy Scheider has continued to pay his monthly donation of $50 (GBP25) to U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama's election campaign - despite dying in February this year (08).
The star passed away on 10 February (08), aged 75.
But his credit card was still charged for the March (08) payment, with campaign records for Democrat Obama stating Scheider's occupation as 'actor' and his home as 'Sag Harbor, New York'.
The charge, which was made exactly one month (10Mar08) after Scheider's death, was unearthed by a Los Angeles Times reporter.
However, a spokesman for Obama has defended the controversial charge, insisting the $50 payment had been made via a monthly credit card donation programme that Scheider had previously signed up to.
The representative added the donation would be halted this month (Apr08), and his March payment donated to another cause.