Jaws star Richard Dreyfuss has vowed to boycott promotional events for his 1975 movie hit JAWS, because studio bosses refuse to pay him.
The actor refused to attend a special 30th anniversary bash in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts - where the movie was shot - back in 2005.
And he insists he won't have anything to do with the Oscar-winning horror movie, until 'greedy' studio bosses share some of the millions they make from the film - one of the highest grossing pictures of all time.
Dreyfuss tells the New York Post, "They asked me to come do the anniversary of Jaws. I said, 'No'. They said, 'Well, it's the anniversary.' 'Yeah it's the anniversary of you making a lot of money. And now you are going to make a lot more money. When are you going to make me an offer I can participate in?'"